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9th Annual L.T.D Ride

News Morris,Minnesota 56267
Morris Sun Tribune
9th Annual L.T.D Ride
Morris Minnesota 607 Pacific Avenue 56267

On Saturday, July 19, the L.T.D Motorcycle Memorial Tour made its 9th annual ride from Appleton 223 miles through 23 towns, making stops in Marshall, Madison, and Morris.

This event was started in Summer 2005 in honor of Sergeant Jesse Lhotka, First Lieutenant Jason Timmerman, and Staff Sergeant David Day who died Feb. 21, 2005, in Bahgdad, Iraq.

Two hundred thirty-eight bikes and 382 registered riders left Appleton on Saturday, July 19 for the seven hour ride. With all of the support staff and volunteers throughout the day, the ride totaled over 500 people.

Next year’s L.T.D Ride will take place on July 18, 2015 and will be the final ride according to L.T.D President Chad Turner. It will therefore be themed “Until We Meet Again.”

Turner said that this decision to bring the ride to a close has not come lightly, but as soldiers/family and close friends, they feel it is time.

“We have memorialized these three brave men in a way that we feel and know their memories will live on forever. There is no greater honor in life then to honor those that have given their life for our freedom and way of life.”