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Buddies Volleyball tournament

Second place team1 / 6
Thiel, Ascheman, Hacker and Nelson team2 / 6
Safe sets team3 / 6
Stettner team4 / 6
First place team5 / 6
Jepma team6 / 6
sports Morris,Minnesota 56267
Morris Sun Tribune
Buddies Volleyball tournament
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Six teams competed at the Buddies Bar and Grill Volleyball tournament in Hancock on July 4th. First place in the Buddies Volleyball tournament went to in front from left - Francine Schapiro and Cindy Rinkenberger. In back - Ryan Knutson, Bruce Evink and John Goll.Second place in the Buddies Volleyball tournament went to in front from left - Aria Walstad, Allie Cunningham, Lindsie Cunningham and Stacie Cunningham. In back - Jesse McCann and Eric Peterson. The Jepma team at the Buddies Volleyball Tournament included in front from left - Jody Miller, Rick Jepma, Kathryn Miller and Kelly Jepma. In back - Ryan Jepma, Shawn Miller, Trevor Jepma, Laurie Jepma and Matt Jepma. One of the volleyball teams at the Buddies tournament included in front - Karissa Thiel. In back from left - Alex Nelson, Jessica Ascheman, Steph Hacker, Ben Hacker and Josh Nelson. The 'Safe Sets' volleyball team included from left - Mary Asche, Doug Joos, Amanda Johnson, Matt Johnson, Amy Van Eps and Scott Van Eps. The Stettner team included in front from left - Tara, Wendy and Keri. In back - Andy, Duane and Bryan.