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news Morris, 56267
Morris Minnesota 607 Pacific Avenue 56267

UMM Police

Edward D. Gonzales, Wahpeton, N.D., 12/13/08; parking in restricted zone, $44.

Tracy Downing, Eagan, 1/27/09; parking in restricted zone, dismissed.


Drew Michael Callahan, Coon Rapids, 2/20/09; permit violation, $44.

Tammy Lea Nelson, Rockford, 2/19/09; parking in a restricted zone, $44.

MN State Patrol

Matthew Kerry Lien, Fergus Falls, 6/15/09; seat belt, $110.

Howard Kenneth Opdahl, Starbuck, 7/12/09; seat belt, $110.

Judy Ann Johnston, Morris, 7/16/09; speeding, $145.

Michael Lee Oletzke, Cyrus, 5/23/09; seat belt, convicted; driver must carry proof of insurance, dismissed.

Brian Keith Locklear, Morris, 6/17/09; speeding, $255; 6/17/09; seat belt, $255.

Robert David Eckberg, Appleton, 7/2/09; speeding, $125.

Corinne Lillian Zach, Morris, 7/24/09; speeding, $135.

Kelly Daniel Murphy, Plymouth, 6/4/09; speeding, $135.

Donald Paul Stearns, Anoka, 7/24/09; driver must carry proof of insurance, dismissed.

Jon Alan White, Morris, 7/15/09; seat belt violation, $110.

Melissa Marie Weber, Graceville, 6/16/09; speeding, $145.

Douglas Ray Wing, Nephi, Utah, 7/15/09; speeding, $225.

Jeffrey Alan Carlson, Shevlin, 7/20/09; speeding, $125.

Morris Police

Jeremy Mark Bjornebo, Morris, 3/29/09; malicious punishment of a child, acquitted; domestic assault, acquitted.

Shelley May Havluck, Morris, 7/7/09; driver must carry proof of insurance, dismissed.

Daniel Alfred Hodgson, Morris, 2/12/09; collision with unattended vehicle, $135, 18 days jail.

Preston Benjamin Moser, Morris, 5/29/09; passing on right when prohibited, pled not guilty, adjudication withheld, continued.

Roberta Pochardt, Morris, 1/3/09; damage to property, $185.

Sarah Ann Green, Chokio, 7/18/09; speeding, $225.

Virginia Rae Heintzelman, Alberta, 7/24/09; speeding, $135.

Mary Kay Wulf, Morris, 7/19/09; speeding, $125.

Barry Leo Hennen, Morris, 7/18/09; failure to stop at stop sign or stop lines, $135.


County Sheriff

Aaron J. Nielsen, St. Paul, Neb., 6/14/09; speeding, $145.

Brandon Charles Thorson, Morris, 6/7/09; Harassment, $285, 90 days jail, stay 70 days for 1 yr., 1 yr. supervised probation; underage consumption, dismissed; 6/14/09, $200, 90 days jail, stay 90 days for 1 yr., 1 yr. supervised probation.

Amanda Lynn Broesder, Barrett, 6/14/09; speeding, $145.

Lee Michael Krusemark, Cyrus, 6/18/09; speeding, $145.

Chad Ray Nelson, Fargo, N.D., 7/28/09; speeding, $125.

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