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District Court

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News Morris,Minnesota 56267
Morris Sun Tribune
District Court
Morris Minnesota 607 Pacific Avenue 56267

UMM Police

Paul Henry Brandt, Morris, 11/13/10, underage consumption, $185.

Jamie Kay Leverty, Morris, 11/13/10, underage consumption, $185.

Jakeb Thomas Scherer, Paynesville, 11/05/10, exhibition driving, $125.

Marlin George Farley Jr., Waubun, 11/13/10, underage consumption, $185.

Andrew Russell Kirwin, Morris, 11/12/10, driving wrong way on one way, $185; driver must carry proof of insurance, dismissed.

Dept. of Natural Resources

Eric Jason Tomoson, Alberta, 11/14/10, hunting-transportation of firearms, $185.

William John Bungarden, Madison, 11/28/10, hunting-migratory game birds-violate Federal regulations, $135.

Morris Police

Megan Marie Glimsdal, Morris, 10/22/10; seat belt, $110.

Patrick John Janachovsky, Donnelly, 09/09/10; Driving after suspension, dismissed; DWI, 30 days, 30 days, stay 30 days for 1 yr., supervised probation, 1 yr., $610. Drug possess/sale small amt. of marijuana, dismissed.

Charles George Meixel, Starbuck, 11/12/10, DWI, 30 days, stay 30 days for 1 yr., supervised probation, 1 yr., $610.

Rodney Leroy Meyer, Hoffman, 11/16/10, collision with unattended vehicle, $235.

Jamie George Sauder, Morris, 09/22/10 Possession of drug paraphernalia, $135.

Heidi Ann Strickler, Starbuck, 10/20/10, School bus violation, passing on right when flashing amber signals displayed, $385.

Gabriel Rufus Smith Bruguier, Sisseton, S.D., 10/21/10, driving after revocation, $285.

Kenneth James Tracy, Alberta, 10/11/10, seat belt, $110.

Erica Lynn Ostoj, Rochester, 08/24/09, underage consumption, $185.

Eric Jason Tomoson, Alberta, 10/12/10, seat belt, $110.

Jason Theodore Winter, Fergus Falls, 6/12/08, DWI, 270 days, stay 240 days for 3 yr., supervised probation 3 yr., confinement 30 days, $2,082.

Stevens Co. Sheriff

Mary Eileen Albrecht, Hancock, 12/09/10, speeding $145.

Dayatra Dawn Dowell, Garfield, 05/07/10, driving after suspension, stay of adjudication, driver must carry proof of ins., dismissed.

Alejandro Garcia-Guerrero, Hancock, 11/28/10, driving without valid license, $185; driver must carry proof of ins., $200.

Dayatra Dawn Jaspersen, Garfield, 02/12/10, driving after suspension, dismissed; driver must carry proof of ins., $185; driver approaching intersection fails to yield right of way, 60 days, stay 58 days for 1 yr, $185.

Randy Edward Knowlen, St. Cloud, 12/15/09, assault, 3rd degree, $135, MN Correctional Facility, St. Cloud, 30 Mo.

Dwight D. Lawson, Groton, S.D., 11/12/10, speeding, $125.

Tamara L. Mason, Alberta, 10/15/10, driving without valid license, $185.

Timothy Leon Murray, Alexandria, 10/01/10, driving after suspension, $285; driver fails to stop at entrance of through highway, $50.

Joseph Steven Reints, Yankton, S.D., 11/18/10, speeding, $225.

Amy Lee Searle, Donnelly, 02/08/08, theft by swindle, supervised probation 5 yr, 30 days confinement, $135. Additional charges of theft by swindle and indifferent to owners rights, dismissed.

David Nathan Vogt, Chokio, 11/13/2010, underage drinking and driving, $285.

John Sheldon Huffman, Benson, 11/11/10, speeding, $85.

Levi James Lupkes, Graceville, 11/13/10, underage consumption, $185.