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Hancock Junior High football team splits two games

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Hancock Junior High football team splits two games
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Hancock' 8th grade team lost its first game of the night, 34-8, to CGB. After the first quarter, CGB was ahead of the Owls 14-0 and at half, CGB was leading 28-0 with the score the same after the 3rd quarter. Hancock scored on a 20 yard pass by Taylor Holleman connecting with Seth Nelson to start the 4th quarter. After the touchdown Hancock went for 2 points and Taylor connected on a pass with Evan Nelson giving the Owls 8 points and CGB 28. CGB came up with another touchdown in the 4th. Defensively tackling Jerrid Jepma had 1 solo and 2 assists, Seth Nelson had 2 solos, 1 sack and 2 assists, Evan Nelson added 4 assists, Micah Baker led the Owls in tackles with 3 solos, 1 sack and 6 assists, Taylor Holleman had 1 solo and 4 assists, Ross Ascheman had 9 assists, Patrick Koehl came up with 1 solo and 3 assists, Jerid Berning had 2 assists, Adam Sanders contributed 3 assists, Philip Schaefer had 1 assist, Anthony Koehl 2 assist and Will Osterman added 1 assist.

Hancock's 7th grade defeated CGB 12-6. CGB scored first giving them a lead 6-0. The Owls then come back with Patrick Koehl scoring on a 25 yard run and later in the game scoring again on a 15 yard run. Defensively for the Owls, Ross Aschmean had 1 solo, 4 assists, Cody Johnson contributed 1 solo, Philip Schaefer had 3 solos and 1 assist, Anthony Koehl had 1 solo, 2 assists. Will Osterman added 1 solo, 1 sack and 1 assist and Brendan Jensen had 2 solos and 2 assists.

This game's winners for Hancock Co-op offensive line player goes to Ross Ascheman who did a great job blocking, and the Hancock Co-op defensive line player goes to Adam Sanders with 3 assist tackles. Coach Cory Bedel gave offensive player of the game to Seth Nelson. who scored a touchdown in the 8th grade game and defensive player to Micah Baker who led the team with 3 solos, 1 sack and 6 assist tackles.

Morris Sun Tribune Staff