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Healthcare week at SCMC

(From left) Dr. Sam, Quality Director, Suzie Eklund, Dr. Giambi, and CEO John Rau kick off the slow bike races at SCMC during Healthcare Week.1 / 3
Dr. Giambi and John Rau (CEO) listen to the rules of the race.2 / 3
Dr. Sam is a good sport and shakes hands with Quality Director Suzie Eklund after she wins the first heat of slowest bike race challenge.3 / 3
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Healthcare week at SCMC
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The Steven's Community Medical Center took part in Healthcare Week May 12-16.

The employees started off the week with "Slow Bike Races" on Monday morning and continuing throughout the week with the final heat on Thursday at 11. CEO of SCMC John Rau participated and kicked off the intial race along with Dr. Sam, Dr. Giambi, and Quality Director Suzie Eklund (See photos). David Kjelland was the slowest bikers, finishing in 1:46. Mike Nagal took second 1:45 and Rick Heike at third in 1:00. Nikki Raths (51.6s) and Tena Wilts (47s) rounded out the top five slowest bikers in the event.

Other events during the week included an employee picnic, scavenger hunt, and ice cream social. The Regional Fitness Center also combined with SCMC efforts and offered yoga and Zumba sessions on both Tuesday and Wednesday.