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Letter: Are organics what consumers really want?

Morris,Minnesota 56267
Morris Minnesota 607 Pacific Avenue 56267

Those of us in production agriculture are very much aware of how much we are watched as we try to make a life for our families while providing food for many others. We are scrutinized, criticized and regulated by a seemly oblivious population of people. It does get discouraging sometime to be regulated by someone who would not know what a cow or pig was if you dropped it on their head

I did read something in food production the other day with a little different slant on it. The Rich Earth Institute in Vermont has permitted for 175 volunteers to collect their own urine (pee) in 5 gallon jugs for use in food production. I guess we would be safe in calling that organic I would probably call it something else. Consider the logistics here: think hazardous material, can you imagine the panic if you tripped 10 gals of stale, old hot human urine loose on a hot summer day. An anhydrous ammonia leak would be minor compared to that. Then there is the collection problem: When you go to the office, beach or ballgame, do you take two thermos jugs, one for the cold and one for the not so cold?

I am not an organic grower and I will not condemn those who grow organic. But I look at the consumer and say What? What are you looking at and what are you thinking? Is that really what you want? Then I look at all the expanses of time spent by our advanced intellectuals trying to reinvent the wheel, and I say: Is that the best you can come up with?  Are we really to that point where we have to collect our own urine to grow our food?? I wonder.