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Osakis man wins $200,000 in Lottery

News Morris,Minnesota 56267
Morris Sun Tribune
Osakis man wins $200,000 in Lottery
Morris Minnesota 607 Pacific Avenue 56267

A stop for pop and doughnuts was just the ticket an Osakis man needed to win big.

Rick Thornbloom stopped at Paul's Pump and Pantry in Osakis on September 16 to pick up a pop and some doughnuts for work.

"It came to $2 and I had $13 so I said, 'Give me one of those tickets,' " he recalled.

He bought a $10 Mega Monopoly scratch game and went out to his car and scratched the ticket.

After revealing a $200,000 prize, Thornbloom didn't know what to do, so he went back inside, checked the ticket on the Lottery ticket checker and showed it to Chris Stoetzel, store owner.

"He went ballistic," Thornbloom said.

He called his wife, Judy, at work to share his exciting news.

"She didn't believe me, but I did get through to her that I did win," he said.

He then drove to work, where he shut the machines off and shared his news with his brother-in-law, saying "You have to listen to this."

The odds of winning the Mega Monopoly's top prize of $200,000 are one in 360,000, according to the Lottery.

Morris Sun Tribune Staff