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Owl Basketball Camp awards

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Morris Sun Tribune
Owl Basketball Camp awards
Morris Minnesota 607 Pacific Avenue 56267

Attendance totalled 110 campers at the 13th annual Owl Basketball camp at the University of Minnesota, Morris PE Center.

"It was great to have a bunch of varsity boys at the Owl camp this year, said Jodi Holleman, camp director. "It proved a lot of competition for my girls' basketball team. The younger athletes worked a ton on dribbling and shooting, and overall everyone had a lot of fun."

The younger athletes conducted a decathlon, in which they were awarded points for various events. The winners were:


Boys: 1st - Kyle Fehr

2nd - Riley Braegelman

3rd - Miles Eble

4th - Gage Schmidgall

Girls: 1st - Madelyn Grove

2nd - Piper Swanson


Boys: 1st - Landon Schirm

2nd - Samuel Kleinwolterink

3rd - Payton Sterud

4th - Luke Joos

Girls: 1st - Sydney Petersen

2nd - Sydney Dietz

3rd - Bryn Brown

1st Grade

Boys: 1st - Preston Rohloff

2nd - Evan Hegland

3rd - Isaac Nienhaus

4th - Isaiah Flaten

Girls: 1st - Alexis Staples

2nd - Sydney Solvie

3rd - Karli Erickson

4th - Jenna Kannegiesser

2nd Grade

Boys: 1st - Eli Grove

2nd - Cade Fehr

3rd - Gideon Joos

4th - Parker Schmidgall

Girls: 1st - Sydney Gerdes

2nd - Kylie Swanson

3rd Grade

Boys: 1st - Connor Reese

2nd - Cole Reese

3rd - Bennett Nienhaus

4th - Camden Arndt

Girls: 1st - Jennifer Solvie

2nd - Liz Dietz

3rd - Grace Hegland and Isabel Schirm

4th - Mackenzie Petersen

4th Grade (Session 2)

Boys: 1st - Noah Kannegiesser

2nd - Tate Nelson

3rd - Chandler Vogel

4th - Isaac Gerdes

Girls: 1st - Jenna Howden

2nd - Karley Fehr

3rd - Jenna Larson

4th - Carley Wohlers

4th Grade (Session 3)

Boys: 1st - Mason Schmidgall

2nd - Zach Flaten

Girls: 1st - Auddy Sperr

2nd - Islande Sperr

5th Grade

Boys: 1st - Jacob Zosel

2nd - tyler Reese

3rd - Lukus Manska

4th - Cody Greiner

Girls: 1st - Ashley Solvie

2nd - Abbi Solvie

3rd - McKayla Peterson

4th - Nicole Solvie

6th Grade

Boys: 1st - Collin Brown

2nd - Cole Voorhees and Bryce Schmidgall

Girls: 1st - Cali Larson

2nd - Becca Holland

3rd - Kayla Crowell

4th - Brooke Jepma

7th Grade

Girls: 1st - Gabbi Nienhaus

8th Grade

Boys: 1st - Patrick Koehl

2nd - Taylor Holleman

3rd - Jerid Berning

4th - Ross Ascheman

Girls: 1st - Beth Holland

2nd - Sami Schmidgall

3rd - Kaitlin Vogel

4th - Karol Algarate

Session I

5-on-5 champs (Tues.): Kendra Schmidgall, Taylor Holleman, Brady Koehl, Danny Lonneman, Justin Miller, and Jordan Miller

Iowa champs (Wed.): Kendra Schmidgall, Jordan Miller, Jordan Burns, McKenzie Smith, and Gabbi Nienhaus

5-on-5 champs (Thurs.): Dylan Erickson, Aria Walstad, Shae Brown, Brady Koehl, Justin Miller, and Karol Algarate

Nebraska champs: Kaylee Voorhees, Jordan Burns, Courtney Greiner, Abby Ascheman, Michells Algarate, Brady Koehl, Kaitlin Vogel, Noah Grove and Karol Algarate


Most Improved: Morgan Nelson, Claire Spohr, Kali Berlinger

Dribble: Katelyn Jepma, Emma Middlendorf, Michaela Englund, Peyton Rohloff

Hustle: Austin Berlinger, Emma Nelson, Leandra Hormann

Owl Awards: Jordyn Sterud, Sean Cunningham, Chase Cunningham, Jackson Rohloff, Joseph Kleinwolterink, Tyler Braegelman, Ben Eble, and Eli Eble

Sportsmanship: Peyton Rohloff, Zach Flaten, Karli Erickson, Jackson Rohloff, Austin Berlinger, and Kaitlyn Jepma

Superstar: Tate Nelson, Landon Schirm, Bennett Nienhaus, Camden Arndt, Eli Grove, Becca Holland, Liz Dietz, Emma Nelson, and Kylie Swansen

Morris Sun Tribune Staff