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Stingrays cut times at Montevideo

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Stingrays cut times at Montevideo
Morris Minnesota 607 Pacific Avenue 56267

The Morris Area Stingrays traveled to Montevideo on Thursday where superior numbers allowed the Thunderhawks to pile up points for a 98-59 varsity win and a 96-37 junior varsity win. Despite being outnumbered 43 to 11 in swimmers, the Stingrays took four first-place and six second-place finishes, as well as cutting times in 16 of 20 individual events.

A highlight of the meet was Austin Schieler's achievement of two section times, as well as a first- and second-place finish, in the 200- and 100-yard freestyle events with times of 2:10.21, a 5.21-second cut, and 56.99, a 1.39-second cut.

Also, the varsity 400-yard freestyle relay team picked up their first win of the season with a season-best time of 3:56.64. Stefan Lemke swam the lead-off with a 52.08, followed by Gage Anderson's 1:04.88 and Roy Reese's 1:03.53, with Schieler as the anchor with a 57.15.

In the 200-yard medley relay, the varsity team of Jason Rinkenberger (backstroke 48.87), Brandon Pry (breaststroke 47.32), Anderson (butterfly 35.51), and Dillon Morehouse (freestyle, 33.35) came in with a third-place 2:45.05. Meanwhile, the junior varsity team of Jacob Erickson (backstroke 37.06), Mickey Cotter (breaststroke 44.08), Vaughn Dieter (butterfly 53.29), and Roberto Gameiro (freestyle 34.42) finished with a third-place time of 2:48.85.

In the 200-yard freestyle, Reese cut 7.56 seconds off his time to finish with a time of 2:21.08. In the JV 200-yard freestyle, Dieter finished second with a time of 3:18.84.

In the 200 individual medley, Lemke won the event with a time of 2:12.75, a 0.70-second cut. Lemke is just 2.31 seconds away from the state time cut in this event. Mickey Cotter swam in the JV 100-yard individual medley for the first time this season and came with a time of 1:39.78.

In the 50-yard freestyle, Morehouse cut 2.05 seconds to come in with a time of 33.52, while Dieter cut 9.92 seconds to finish with a 34.53. In the JV 50 free, Gameiro cut 0.43 seconds to take second place with a time of 34.85.

Erickson earned a season-high 108.85 points in the one-meter diving event.

In the 100-yard butterfly, Anderson finished with a time of 1:28.96. In the JV 50-yard butterfly, Dieter took first place with a time of 53.01.

In the 100-yard freestyle, Rinkenberger cut 8.86 seconds off his time to come in with a 1:19.81. In the JV 100 free, Morehouse cut 21.17 seconds to finish with a 1:19.99, he was followed by Pry's 1:22.21, a 7.22-second cut, and Gameiro's 1:23.57, a 6.04-second cut.

Lemke took his second first-place finish of the evening with a season-best 5:09.73 in the 500-yard freestyle. This time is five seconds under the state time cut.

In the 200 free relay, the Stingrays took second place with a time of 1:45.31, with the following splits: Lemke (23.18), Anderson (29.01), Reese (27.71), and Schieler (25.41). The JV 200 free relay team of Morehouse (35.32), Pry (39.16), Mickey Cotter (35.37), and Erickson (29.16), finished with a 2:19.01.

In the 100-yard backstroke, Reese took second place with a 1:13.70, just 2.70 seconds over the section time cut. In the JV 100 backstroke, Rinkenberger came in with a 1:45.24, a cut of 1.88 seconds.

In the 100 yard-breaststroke, Mickey Cotter cut 5.09 seconds to come in with a season-best time of 1:40.29. In the JV 100 breast, Pry finished with another season-best time of 1:41.88, a cut of 3.77 seconds.

In the JV 400 freestyle relay, the team of Dieter (1:35.40), Gameiro (1:26.72), Rinkenberger (1:25. 32), and Erickson (1:10. 37) finished with a time of 5:37.81.

Morris Sun Tribune Staff