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Monday, May 4

GG- WCC Meet- Home- 2:00 pm

TR JH- LQPV- Away- 4:30 pm

SB A/B- YME- Away- 5 pm

Tuesday, May 5


National Teacher Day

TR- Section True Team- Home- 3:30 pm

BG- ACGC- Away- 4:30 pm

BG JH- LQPV- Home- 4:30 pm

SB JH- Benson- Away- 4:30 pm

BB JH- Benson- Home- 4:30 pm

BB A/B- Benson- Away- JV at 4:30 pm, V at 5 pm

SB A/B- Benson- Home- 5 pm

BB C- Benson- Away- 6 pm

Jazz Concert- Grades 6-12- Concert Hall- 8 pm

(this is a change from the school calendar)

Wednesday, May 6

School Nurse Day

MCA II Science test- 8th Grade

GG- Minnewaska Area- Away- 2 pm

Book of Records- 6th hour for Grades 10-12, 7th

hour for Grades 7-9

Thursday, May 7

Flex Day

TR JH- Paynesville- Away- 4 pm

GG- YME- Away- 4:30 pm

BG- Benson- Away- 4:30 pm

SB JH- Minnewaska- Area- Away- 4:30 pm

BB JH- Minnewaska Area- Home- 4:30 pm

BB A/B- Minnewaska Area- Away- 5 pm

BB C- Minnewaska Area- Home- 5 pm

SB A/B- Minnewaska Area- Home- 7 pm

Friday, May 8

MCA II Science test- 10th Grade

GG- LPGE- Away- 10 am

BG JH- LQPV- Away- 4:30 pm

SB A/B- BOLD- Away- 4:30 pm

SB C- Holdingford- Home- 5 pm

BB C- Holdingford- Home- 5 pm

Updated sports schedules for all spring sports for Morris Area and other West Central Conference schools can be found on the website.